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High Voltage Transformer

Atesys mainly uses dry technology for manufacturing high voltage transformers. The various windings are impregnated under vacuum, and insulation between windings is obtained through dry insulating material.

Compared to the oil-immersed transformers technology, the "dry cast resin" technology provides High Voltage transformers with a reduced fire risk and avoids hazard of toxic substances diffusion in the environment.

Dry transformers use no liquid substance ; the windings are embedded in solid fireproof hard resin, thus avoiding any leakage chance.

High voltage transformers can combine in a single casing various kinds of windings (single-phase, three-phase, low or high frequency).

Applications :

-    High voltage generators
-    Capacitor loading
-    Lasers
-    Dielectric strength tester

Electrical characteristics :

-    Power : up to 30kVA for single-phased and 100kVA for three-phased (higher power on request)
-    Secondary voltage : from 1kV to 60kV in dry technology (higher voltage on request)
-    Insulation voltage : from 1kV to 140kV DC in dry technology (higher voltage on request)
-    Frequencies :
•    Railways : 16Hz 2/3 and 50Hz
•    Industrial : 50Hz and 60Hz
•    Military : 400Hz
•    Other frequencies on request

Terminals :

-    Screw terminals
-    Protected terminals
-    High voltage insulated terminals
-    Connectors

Standard design :

-    Encased
-    Resin moulding : epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, loaded resins (resins may be requested in accordance with the standard UL 94 V0, fire smoke, etc…)
-    Other casings on request